What is the problem?

The app

A recent innovation towards ultimate control is Apple’s “Home” app, which can command all smart devices in a house, from lamps to locks. But who really gains control with this app?

  • Is it the user? But he already controls his home manually…
  • Or is it Apple, which receives tons of information on the user’s habits?

You probably have heard of the “internet of things” and smart devices, but are you really aware of what happens with your data when you command your smart home?

An illusion of control

Especially in the digital age, “more control can sometimes lead to less privacy” (Brandimarte et al. 15) because users give away – maybe unknowingly – more and more of their personal data. This is what scholars call “the illusion of control.”

“Home -1.0”

Therefore, we created this blog called “Home -­1.0.” It is called “-1.0” because it resembles a deconstructed version of the app, showing what happens underneath, from Apple’s point of view. You will be surprised what quite meaningless information will transform into…

We analyzed Apple’s privacy statements and got ideas from academia, but it remains a thought experiment – as it often is the case with new media and big data.

Now we invite you to browse our blog and learn about what may happen to your data when you use Apple’s Home app.

Begin by finding out what the Home app is exactly.


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