Mind map of all data

This mind map gives an overview of all the data that is possibly sent out while using the Home app. It shows various devices, rooms, and scenes.

Open in new tab to enlarge

The word clusters at the end of the arrows show patterns and the more often one kind of information appears, the clearer it may get.

  • For example, there is a lot of information generated on the user’s daily routine: The way user’s handle locks indicate the time that they are not home.
  • With the help of this data, other clusters get clearer, too. Owning many security devices could mean that the user is anxious – or rarely in his house. If the daily routine shows that he often is at home, the data hints more towards an anxious user.

Have a look at the exact data flows for various scenes (“Good morning”, “Film night”, “Time for bed”, and a combination) and try this to see a concrete example.


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